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P.A.T.H.O.S. LAB - Università degli Studi di Milano

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Luca Solari (Castel San Giovanni, 2 ottobre 1979) è un ex ciclista su strada italiano, professionista dal 2003 al 2011.



Who am I?
I embraced innovation long before it became hype in management, therefore I bridge no-nonsense knowledge of actual business with originality coming from tech and innovation.
I provide positive advice to top manager on how to enact their strategies through powerful people centered initiatives and coaching/ mentoring. I act as individual mentor, partner at ThickLayers (a dedicated team to transform organizations and business), and professor in HRM and Organization design and innovation.
Think of me and ThickLayers as the bridge between your business and your future, a radically different approach based on co-partnershiup, design thinking, and internal branding
According to the Torbert model of leadership, I am definitely an Alchemist Leader

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   Luca Solari


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